Satsuma Baptist Church
Monday, December 18, 2017

Humble Beginnings

When you visit a Church or join a Church you probably never wondered how it all began.  Satsuma Baptist Church owes it's beginnings to Walker Baptist Church and a group of people filled with the Holy Spirit and
a commitment to serving the Lord.
In 1958, under the leadership of Reverend Herman B. Wilkinson Sr., work began on establishing a Church in the Satsuma area.  Brother J. C. Albritton led the building program.  A two story building was torn down and much of those materials were used to build the Satsuma Mission Church.  The current Sanctuary comprised the entire Church at that time.  Back then the building was large enough to house the Sanctuary and several
Sunday School classrooms.
On September 27, 1959 the Satsuma Mission Church was dedicated.